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Renewable Energy and Clean Infrastructure Fund I

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Most importantly, Moshesh remains committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and corporate citizenship by adhering to the relevant codes of best practice, principles of fairness, accountability, responsibility, transparency and integrity.

From that concrete foundation we target both operating assets and late-stage green-field investment opportunities, Moshesh will seek to invest in renewable energy, telecoms, transportation and social infrastructure assets in sub-Saharan Africa. Focus will be placed on assets that are supported by robust market demand, under long-term contracts with creditworthy counter-parties, within concession-based structures or under a regulated framework.

Environmental, Social
and Governance

These type of assets tend to have limited exposure to market risk, and generally demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Support Africa’s transition to Industry 4.0 by increasing long-term economic productivity;
  • Deliver services that are essential in nature (i.e. the need or demand for the assets is unquestionable to local communities or national populations;
  • Invest in projects that are structured in a non-recourse project finance basis, with very long-term contractual frameworks that allocate risks appropriately;
  • Exhibit cash flow profiles that are relatively stable and predictable in nature with low volatility and economic insensitivity, that are underpinned by long-term contracts within concession-based or regulated frameworks;
  • High yield to enhance the portfolio return, add greater diversification and provide added socio-economic and environmental impacts;
  • Operate under long-term off-takes and concessions, typically between 10 and 20 years;
  • Contractually transfer construction and operational risk to creditworthy third parties having relevant expertise

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