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A majority black-owned and black-managed investment fund manager.

Moshesh Partners Fund Management, based in Johannesburg and Cape Town, focuses on investment into renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure including energy, water, telecoms and transport.

In 2020 Moshesh launched its first private equity fund, the Moshesh Partners Renewable Energy & Clean Infrastructure Fund I, which focuses on renewable energy and clean infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa with a 80% focus on South African projects.

Moshesh places emphasis on skills development, capacity building and education by actively investing in businesses that seek to add value to our investors and the economy, whilst delivering on South Africa’s transformation imperative.

“Peace is the rain that makes the grass grow. War is the wind that dries it up.”

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Moshesh, also spelt Moshoeshoe, Mshweshwe, or Moshweshwe, is widely credited as the architect of the mighty Basotho nation – a nation with its own culture, language, customs and territory.

One of the most successful Southern African leaders of the 19th century, Moshoeshoe used vision and intelligence to accommodate many tribes in his leadership, employing smart diplomacy against colonial invasions, and employing aggressive military counteraction when required.

He created a large African state in the face of attacks by the Boers and the British, raiders from the south-east coastal lowlands of Africa, and local African rivals. Although he had ceded much territory, Moshesh never suffered a fatal military defeat and through diplomacy preserved his kingdom and his people’s existence after the wars.

“In terms of achievement, he (Moshoeshoe) was one of the most successful South Africans of the nineteenth century; in terms of perception, one of the most far-sighted. In a period of conflict, he strove for peace, and his tolerance and humanity far transcended the bigotry and racialism of so many around him.”

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